You as merchant know what products you need in your business, you also know what product could be a success and there is plenty of information on the net to buy them worldwide, however as we ourselves have experienced, knowing where to buy doesn't mean that we have solved our need, foreign trades have learning curves that can easily make your business a headache, that is why you have to ask yourselves the following:

Is the found provider reliable?
Does the provider really know how to send goods abroad?
Does the provider have the economic capacity to send their products?
Does the provider work with my bank for L/C or other payment terms?
Is the carrier of the goods safe?
Contracted logistics is the best option in safety and economic terms?

Global GDM is a guarantee for your business, you can get the best possible price because we pay in advance to manufacturers, we buy large volumes and your company can take advantage of that so you can focus to gain new customers.

By partnering with GLOGAL GDM you will get

  • Wide network of national suppliers in different sectors
  • Extensive national logistics structure
  • Relations with customs agents in all ports of Mexico.
  • Security in your operations protecting your investment
  • Constant supply chain.


There are many variables to consider for purchases abroad, in GLOBAL GDM these variables are free of charge, we put our experience and structure at your service without cost, remember that we already do this work and any additional sale is an income for us not an additional investment.